OFF THE RADAR festival is not taking place in New Zealand in 2016. The reasons for this is that there have been problems with the landlord of the site and subsequently with the council, which has eventuated in a failure to obtain a resource consent for 2016 despite the fact that before and after the festivals in 2014 and 2015 we made huge efforts to liaise with the community and working within the guidelines of the council.


We don’t know what is happening at the Te Arai site in regards to obtaining consent, and because of this we are searching for another site to call home. Due to the problems with the local community, and the lack of consent, any events that take place at the site are damaging future possibilities as well as damaging efforts made by us and others in the past. As a result, we wish to distance ourselves from these activities. We are continuing to work towards bringing the festival back to New Zealand in 2017.


Yes! OFF THE RADAR has been invited to design and host a stage at Chronophonium 2016 over Waitangi Weekend, alongside the crew from INKY WAVES! Click here to check it out --> Also a good part of the european crew is involved with CADUS, a NGO working at the european borders. Please support CADUS with donations! More information --------------->